Norwegian health authority hacked

Nearly three million Norwegians have possibly had their personal information compromised following a systems breach of the Southern and Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority (Helse Sør-Øst RHF).

The Norwegian healthcare sector’s national information security centre, HelseCERT, noticed that something was wrong and notified Hospital Partner HF, the company responsible for ICT operations in Helse Sør-Øst RHF.

According to Helse Sør-Øst RHF CEO Cathrine M. Lofthus, “The event is handled according to established emergency preparedness routines and in collaboration with HelseCERT (Norwegian Helsenett SF) and NorCERT (National Security Authority) as well as other expertise. A number of measures have been implemented to remove the threat and further measures will be implemented in the future.” These measures haven’t affected patient treatment or safety.

The breach is being investigated by Norway’s police, national security authority and military police, but they have yet to establish its extent or whether patient data has been compromised.

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