Norwegian oil industry under attack by hackers

European Data BreachChallengesIn what is believed to be the biggest hacking attack ever to happen in Norway, 50 companies in the oil sector have been hacked and 250 more are believed to be affected.

The hack was revealed by Norway’s prevention unit for serious hack attacks, the National Security Authority Norway (Nasjonal Sikkerhetsmyndighet – NSM), who were tipped off by ‘international contacts’.

Hans Christian Pretorius, director of the operative division of NSM, told newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN), “This is the largest warning we have ever carried out.”

Although Norwegian companies have been under attack before, this is thought to be more serious. The attack has been described as ‘spearphishing’, a common tool in industrial espionage. The attacks on Norwegian’s major oil companies are thought to have originated via emails sent to key personnel, made to look like legitimate emails. If opened, a destructive program is downloaded onto the person’s machine, allowing the hacker to access sensitive information.

Statoil, the state-controlled oil company and one of Norway’s largest, has confirmed that it is among the companies warned that they are under attack by NSM. They are now checking their systems.

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