NotPetya costs Maersk up to $300 million

Last week, container shipping giant A.P Moeller-Maersk claimed that the recent NotPetya cyber attack will cost it up to $300 million in lost revenue.

Maersk CEO Soren Skou said: “In the last week of the [second] quarter we were hit by a cyber-attack, which mainly impacted Maersk Line, APM Terminals and Damco […] Business volumes were negatively affected for a couple of weeks in July and as a consequence, our Q3 results will be impacted. We expect that the cyber-attack will impact results negatively by USD 200-300m.”

In late June, Maersk announced it had been hit by NotPetya and that, unless it paid $300 in bitcoin, it would be prevented from accessing its data. Maersk claimed not to have lost any third-party data as a result of the attack and the company was able to take bookings from existing customers two days after the attack.

Maersk said on Tuesday that “this cyber-attack was a previously unseen type of malware, and updates and patches applied to both the Windows systems and antivirus were not an effective protection in this case”. The company then explained how it was updating its systems for future attacks: “In response to this new type of malware, A.P. Moller Maersk has put in place different and further protective measures and is continuing to review its systems to defend against attacks.”


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Ransomware has become a major tool for cyber criminals in the past few years, and gained widespread public awareness following the WannaCry attack. The NotPetya attack initially targeted the Ukraine and provides more evidence of how ransomware attacks are growing in popularity.

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